Beautiful Choice Alabama seeks to embrace and proclaim the truth about the value of human life, to show to all the beauty of pregnancy and new life, and to seek justice for women, men, and children who have been victimized by a culture that fails to recognize and promote human dignity.


Many women seek abortions because they believe that they have no other choice. We exist to help them move beyond that false belief and encourage a much truer one: Women have real choices, not just desperate ones.

There are beautiful, healthy, powerful choices every woman can make – brave choices – that come with the real support of real people


We envision a culture that promotes the ability of every one of us to become the beautiful person we were each made to be – rather than someone formed by fear or desperation.

Women with an unexpected pregnancy are made to feel helpless, unloved, unable to love or care for the new life within them. We say: You are worthy of being loved and of loving. And whether you choose parenting or adoption, you are a beautiful, brave mom.


When the truth and beauty of each human person is ignored, injustice abounds.

Martin Luther King Jr said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We seek justice for all people whose human dignity is denied, and who are manipulated by fear and deception into believing, “I just had no other choice...”

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