“Perhaps it takes courage to raise children…”

-John Steinbeck


Our moms are some of the most courageous, amazing people we will ever know. Many of them chose to bring us into this world under harrowing circumstances; some of them had no support; some of them had support but no experience; some are new mothers gaining new experience!

Whatever your story – the one of your own mother, or the one of how you’ve become a mother today – Beautiful Choice wants to hear about it!

Kicking off on May 9th & 10th, Beautiful Choice invites you to share your #BraveMom story on Twitter, Facebook, through email or even on Youtube. Upload your one-minute story on any social network and include the hashtag #BraveMoms. (On Twitter, include @couragetochoose!)

Send your video directly to yourbeautifulchoice@gmail.com, and we’ll consider it for the #BraveMoms #MayMoms compilation.

Your story has power – the power to encourage another, the power to exhibit true love, the power to help someone be a better person for that little person who needs them.

Share your story today.